week 16 (exam day)

hola,,this would be the last reflection..sobsob 😦

Hopefully all my fellow classmates can answer the questions.

From this course, i’ve learnt a lot especially the using of technologies for teaching. It can be a really useful tools. The lecturer Dr.Rossenni  taught us a lot and with the helps and guidance from the facilitors like Kak Ana, Mr.Helmi, and Bro Fuad in completing the tasks given. The class also one of the fun class i had this semester with all the supportive facilitators and lecturer. They really ope if we want to ask them questions regarding the course.

we all like a family in this class. Helping each others. Although at times, it can be a little bit stressful when we had to complete the tasks under the pressure. However, the outcomes is great. Everyone had improve themselves including myself.

I’d learnt all sorts of things like photoshop, video editing, and many more. Before this,I not really sure how to use all of those but now i do..I’ve also learnt how to be more responsible, punctual, and more importantly be more patient..Hope to see you guys soon


Week 15

All the class were finished by the 14th week. Now,it s the study week..the examination will be started in 6th Jan 2014 on Monday. I don’t really have an idea on what should be read. However i got the the idea from the materials shared by my other fellow classmates. They also shared the past year questions. So,all of us got a glimpse on how to answer the questions.

Looking at the questions, the paper contains multiple choice questions and a little bit of short essays questions.. Hopefully what i’ve learnt in class and what i had revised will help me o the examination day..


week 14 The 1 Minute Pitch

We still in the 14th week but this one is after the edutechnovation day. Fuhhh,,feels better now as the big day already passed. However in this week too, we were asked to do a 1 minute pitch. In the short video, we were told to express anything in our thought. The message or the experience gained in while in this class. Here is my 1 minute pitch video. My video however not really a 1 minute sharp video, actually it almost 2 minutes. And here is the video.. Please click below for the video :




week 14 D-day

assalamualaikum everybody,,

Well, today is the day. THE EDUTECHNOVATION DAY. It such a nerve-wrecking day. Everyone seems a lot more nervous than any other usual class. Although we already had the pre-edutechnovtion day last week as our preparation for this week, but we still feel nervous to present our final product to Drr.Rossenni, the facilitors, the seniors and other fellow friends. We thought that everybody in the group need to talk at front but no. However everybody need to involve such as handling the slides while presenting and that person in my group is me. We also need to display our final poster that had been approved by Dr.Rossenni. Other groups’ posters were different but all were very attractive and full with creativity. The poster that i like the most is from the group GG Production. Its about a heart donation.


As for my group, Minnion Production, we are the 4th group to present. All of us couldn’t hide the feeling of nervousness. Suddenly feels like throwing up,,hehehe..just kidding..we all worried whether the video we made will be liked by Dr.Rossenni. What if she doesn’t like it,,huhuhu 😦 ..However we brave ourselves in the presentation and hoped that she’ll like it..hopefully..

Like i mention before, we tried our best in in what should we fix, add and delete based on the comments given by the lecturer and the facilitators last week..Its a lot of hard work finishing the video.. And here are my group’s video and poster

The Video :  https://YouTube.com/watch?v=llyYMQmpRog&feature=youtu.be                                                                           The Poster :               poster


The end of the day of presentation, we all got a hampers for each group, so everyone is very happy with it..haha..and there are photography  sessions with everyone..yaaayyy!!!!!

seniors presenting mr.helmi all

13th week


Today is the pre-presentation for our Edutechnovation day for next week. This day to prepare us for the later presentation. Dr.Rossenni and all the tutors were there to give us the comments on what we can improve for later. we received some criticism but a build criticism. after the presentation, all of my group felt a bit down because it feels like we have to improve the video by a lot.. sigh….



the picture                                   POSTER EDU TECH copy   the poster

As for the poster, there were surely a lot to be comments..We had to use the photoshop CS4 to edit the poster and we have to show it first to Dr.Rossenni before it can be print out. As you can see, we are not that good using the photoshop software..some of the video and poster we have to redo it..it gets frustrating just to think about it..feels like giving up that day. Don’t think that we’ll gonna make it for next week..however we have to..GO,GO,GO….

12th week

Praise to Allah S.W.T that we still here…Alhamdulillah..

Today, the tutors and lecturer (Dr.Rossenni) had gave us comments on the video that we had edited. we received a lot of advise to improve the video. There are a lots of things to improve in the video to make it less ‘amateur’, i suppose.

And she still talked about the marks given for the blog we did. She told us to step up in writing the blog or else she wouldn’t know how to give the marks to us.. Its quite terrifying to know how the marks would be given..the total marks is 30%.its really important to score good marks so we can cover for the examination later..that’s somehow gave me a little bit of stress because with lots of other assignments.. huhuhu..feels dizzy…take a deep breathe and keep on going..

11th week

greetings everyone

This week, Dr.Rosenni had comment on the reflection for individual’s blog. She talked about how the marks are given to us based on the blog and she said that overall our blog is not what not good enough because we didn’t put any emotions in the blog. Most of us just write on what we had done in each week classes. She expect us to write anything we feel during the class on solely on what we’d been taught.


          Then she also talked about the next presentation we have to do the last week of classes which is the 14th week. She gave us tips on how we should present and to divide works among the group members. She also mention about the 1 minute pitch which is the reflection each one of us have to do in front of everyone. We have to convey everyone about what we’ve learn in the class.

       As for today, we had been ‘lectured’ by Dr.Rossenni about the blog. Well i think she’s right and i will try better to put an emotion while writing the blog,,heeeeee…….lots of love..